Vibratory Tables fa-flat-deck-vibratory-table

Vibratory Tables fa-flat-deck-vibratory-table

Model FA Vibratory Flat Deck Tables from Cleveland Vibrator settle and packs material to lower cost of operations in quality testing, production, packaging and shipping. The most widely used in compaction and densification applications, this model is available in standard and low-profile configurations. The Flat Deck model is typically used to settle materials in cartons, kegs, bulk bags or Gaylords but other applications include settling castable refractories into molds and eliminating voids and air bubbles from the final molded product.   

Common Applications Include:

  • Settling material in cartons, drums, kegs, and bags before package sealing and shipping
  • Removal of air and voids from poured concrete and refractories
  • Testing product quality and fatigue
Benefits of the FA Vibratory Table Include:
  • Reduction of manual efforts in production or packaging
  • Improved production rates and product quality
  • Increased quality and consistency in molded and settled products
  • Elimination of broken product and/or broken package rejections
Features and options of the FA Vibratory Table include:
  • Choice of mounts for vibration isolation. Inflatable air bag or Marsh Mellow Mount Isolation come standard, providing quiet operation, superior isolation and adjustable table height 
  • Controls for vibration intensity, force and frequency
  • Designs for loads over 10,000 lbs available
Customize your Flat Deck Surface:
  • Custom Fixtures - for tall canisters or saggers, removable surface options available
  • Ball Transfer Decks - for roll on/roll off transfers
  • Strap Down Fixtures - for securing molds while settling castable refractories
  • Magnetic Tops - for securing heavy duty molds
  • Perimeter Lips - for passively restraining containers during compaction process

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