Truck & Trailer Unloading

Truck & Trailer Unloading

Tough Truck and Trailer Loads Demand a Tougher Solution 

Are you hauling grain products, DDG, aggregates and other difficult-to-unload bulk materials in your truck or trailer? Decrease unloading times of trailer or truck loads with Cleveland Vibrator's Truck and Trailer Vibrators. Proven to handle the toughest of environments, Cleveland Vibrator's line of pneumatic impact models and electric truck vibrators provide a solution for hung-up material in small to large hauls. 

Our Pneumatic and Electric (DC) Truck and Trailer Vibrators will:

  • Promote consistent and even flow in truck or trailer spreaders, chutes, hoppers and dumps
  • Eliminate costly carry back 
  • Reduce unload time and dump bed raise angle
  • Avoid the risk of dump trailer tip over due to uneven materials sticking
  • Prevent damage to your trailer or truck by eliminating use of hammers or backhoes to unload
  • Remove safety hazards of trailer or bed entry and human unloading assistance
  • Electric models deliver virtually silent operation
  • Pneumatic models come fit with exhaust port protection and muffler to significantly reduce noise levels during operation
For information on selecting and sizing a bin or hopper vibrator, start with our Vibrator Selection Guide. Don't hesitate to call our helpful sales and service staff if you need further help, or  contact us online.
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DC Truck Vibrators

DC Small Load Truck & Trailer Vibrators

The Cleveland Vibrator Company DC-Z-80 and DC-Z-200 Electric Vibrators provide an efficient vibratory option for small loads in trailer, tractor or truck-drawn hoppers, spreaders, or screeners.

VMR - Vibra-Might Impact Piston Vibrator

Our rectangular-based VMR line of pneumatic piston vibrator features metal-to-metal piston impact for maximum force output.

VMS - Vibra-Might Impact Piston Vibrator

Our square-based VMS line of pneumatic vibrators features metal-to-metal piston impact for maximum force output
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MG Medium Load Truck & Trailer Vibrators

The Mean Green Electric Vibrator Series gives you efficiency and optimal operation when dealing with material flow issues for medium loads in trailer, tractor or truck-drawn hoppers, spreaders, or ...
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MG Large Load Truck & Trailer Vibrators

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Air Piston Vibrators

Air hammers & knockers, pneumatic rappers & piston vibrators designed using a hardened, oscillating piston to produce linear forces ranging from 10 lbs. to over 10,000 lbs. 
Truck Vibrators - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Truck and Trailer DC Vibrators

Truck & Trailer Vibrators provide an efficient vibratory option for hung up or bridged material in trailer, tractor or truck-drawn hoppers, spreaders, and screeners. Eliminate costly carrybacks.

Truck Equipment Service Company Counts on Cleveland Vibrator Co. Vibra-Might Vibrators

Truck Equipment Service Company selects Vibra-Might VMR vibrators for reliable unloading of truck trailer hoppers.

Cattle Empire Application Report

Turbomite CVT-80 Bolt Bite vibrators improve feed unloading time by 75%, accelerating delivery to Cattle Empire and service to 230,000 cattle daily.

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