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Vibratory Tables

Vibration tables from Cleveland Vibrator handle tough material challenges of condensing, settling, densifying, de-airing and packing.  Designed to improve your current operations, our multiple models provide options to fit your needs in production, filling and packing or weighing. The use of low-maintenance, continuous duty rated vibrators ensure long and low-cost equipment life span. The flexibility in design options ensures that you get the right solution for your specific material and application.  A wide range of light, medium and heavy-duty vibratory compaction tables and packers are available. We offer FREE material compaction testing prior to purchasing!  Contact our team for more information. 


Benefits of our vibration tables include:

  • Cut container costs by as much as 20% by fitting more material in every box, drum, bulk bag or Gaylord
  • Decrease material loss in transit by compacting and stabilizing materials prior to shipment
  • Decrease shipping costs by fitting more material per shipment
  • Improve structural and surface quality of precast products by quick consolidation of material to eliminate voids and air bubbles
  • Reduce labor and time in processing and packaging. 
Common applications of our vibratory tables include:
  • Consolidation of concrete and other castable refractories
  • Foundry shake-out
  • Product quality and fatigue testing
  • Compact bulk material loads into containers
  • Removes voids and air pockets in molds
  • Flatten bulk bags prior to palletizing
Production line systems incorporating vibratory compaction tables can provide:
  • Fully automated fill stations
  • Accurate container weights
  • Containers filled, weighed and closed in less time than with manual installations
  • Maximum compaction typically is reached within 10-30 seconds depending on material load
Choosing Vibratory Table to Enhance Compaction and Cost SavingsCut Down on Container Costs. Typically, bulk material will compact down by 20% of its aerated state. Materials that normally fill five bulk material containers can be reduced to only four, saving on container and storage costs by using vibratory tables. 

Eliminate Product Loss & Spillage. Materials shipped or stored in an aerated state will eventually compact due to gravity or vibration in transit. The result is dead space in the container. Compacting the material beforehand prevents container breakage, product loss or contamination.

Save on Freight Costs. When shipping on a cubic foot basis, vibratory compaction tables provide full utilization of container capacity. This allows for more product to be shipped in the same amount of space, saving you and your customer money.  Check out how vibratory tables achieved 17% compaction rates and provided +7" extra space in bulk bags below.
Design Experience. The Cleveland Vibrator Team has over 60 years of collective experience sizing and designing vibratory compaction and densification tables for 100's of different materials and applications. So, you can be rest assured we will get the force, frequency, amplitude and custom options right that will make your project successful.
Simple. Our vibratory compaction tables are designed and built for minimal wear parts to make maintenance an infrequent and easy task.
In-House Product Testing. Cleveland Vibrator's in house testing lab includes an MBIS Vibration Table with variable frequency and variable amplitude controls to allow determination of optimal vibration conditions for any material AND prediction of compaction rates and process outcomes. Videoing of in-house testing is made available to the customer through a private channel. 
Linear Vibration. Sure, using one motor would cost less. But, 99% of vibratory equipment applications perform best with linear vibration, in line with gravitational forces, that are easily achieved with two synchronized vibrator motors, using the Dual Motor Principle. 
Quality Components. Uras Techno, Yaskawa Controls, Firestone Isolation Mounts, Mettler-Toledo Weigh Modules, to name a few. We use only the best brands of components on our vibratory equipment, recognized for quality and continuous duty. 

Built In Damage Prevention. Avoid operator error by preventing costly mistakes. Our vibratory compaction tables include automatic mechanisms to prevent damaging situations such as operation when the table is not isolated, erratic coasting to a stop and changes in table height during loading. 

Large Bulk Material Loads? No Problem. Cleveland Vibrator has experience designing and building vibratory compaction tables durable enough to vibrate loads in excess of 20,000 lbs.

Even Vibration Transfer. Take a look under the hood... or the tabletop in this case. You won't just see two vibrators mounted to the underside of the table top. Our vibratory table designs use a heavy duty undercarriage to hold heavy loads and to evenly distribute vibration to the entire top making sure that materials are de-aired or packed evenly.

Select a vibratory table below or contact us now for more information on our full line of industrial vibratory equipment.

Belt Table Conveyer (BT)

BT Vibratory Belt Conveyor Table

The Belt Table Conveyor is designed to simultaneously settle product within its container while transporting the container to a closing and sealing machine using gentle vibration.
FA Series

FA Flat Deck Vibratory Table

Standard Flat Deck Tables for lower cost of operations in quality testing, production, packaging and shipping
FA-O Series

FA-O Flat Deck Low Profile Vibratory Table

Low Profile Flat Deck Tables for lower cost of operations in quality testing, production, packaging and shipping
Shake Out

Foundry Shake Out Table

Shake-Out vibratory tables are low profile, durable, and can handle extremely heavy loads. Its open bottom construction allows sand or other debris to pass through unobstructed.
Flat Deck Weight Table (FWT)

FWT Flat Deck Vibratory Weigh Table

Vibratory Flat Deck Weigh Tables settle, pack and weigh material to lower cost of operations in packaging and shipping.
GT Series

GT Grid Top Vibratory Table

Grid Top Vibratory Tables integrate easily into a production line. Units lift containers above the conveyor, vibrate as necessary, then return the container to the rollers.
GT-O Series

GT-O Grid Top Low Profile Vibratory Table

GT-O models operate just like a standard grid top vibratory table, but with a much lower profile making it ideal for compact spaces.
Grid Top Weigh Table (GWT)

GWT Grid Top Vibratory Weigh Table

Model GWT operates just like a standard grid top vibratory table, but includes weighing equipment for automated or semi-automated packing lines.
Live Beam

Live Beam Vibratory Table

Ideally suited for long pre-stressed concrete forms, these beams can be spaced apart as much as 15 feet for handling long, narrow, yet extremely heavy loads.

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