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Vibratory Screeners

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers multiple vibratory screener, scalper and sieve styles to handle separation and sizing of materials, or removal of unwanted materials from a batch, such as liquids, fines or over-sized product. Our full range of vibratory screeners are effective for high capacity screening applications for material as fine as 20 micron to coarse material bulk loads requiring 4" screen openings. Models that use pneumatic vibrators can be used with hazardous or explosive materials.  Our economical Gravity Flow model has an angled vibrating screen surface to reduce the need for dual motors.
Our team provides decades of design and consultative experience that will ensure the best, custom built vibratory vibratory screener solution for your unique application. Learn more today!


Benefits of vibratory screening include:

  • Vibration designed and tuned for maximum material throughput on screen
  • Flexibility in design options ensures a seamless fit into your existing production processes for your specific vibratory screening application
  • 24/7 continuous duty designs allows for optimizing production throughput and 100% screen surface usage
  • High quality construction, warranty and service
Common applications of vibratory screening include:
  • Separating material for recovery and recycling
  • Sizing and classifying aggregate materials or chemicals
  • Dewatering mined materials
  • Sizing or screening plastic pellets
  • Removing tramp materials from products
  • Removing fill water from solid materials
  • Recirculate load by scalping off oversized materials
  • Check screening

Choosing Vibratory Screener for Material Separation and Sizing
Design Experience. The Cleveland Vibrator Team has over 60 years of collective experience sizing and designing vibratory screeners for 100's of different materials and applications. So, you can be rest assured we will get the force, frequency, amplitude and custom options right that will make your project successful. 


In-House Product Testing. Cleveland Vibrator's in house testing lab includes an EMS Electromechanical Vibratory Screener with independent variable frequency and variable amplitude controls to allow determination of optimal vibration conditions for any material AND prediction of feed rates and process outcomes. Videoing of in-house testing is made available to the customer through a private channel. 

Design for Unique Applications. Cleveland Vibrator's vibratory screeners are used to separate materials by particle size, remove small amounts of oversized or fine material, or remove excess liquid from finished products. Our selection includes pneumatic or electromechanically powered units available with single or double decks for materials between 20 micron up to 4 inches. 

Linear Vibration. Sure, using one motor would cost less. But, 99% of vibratory equipment applications perform best with linear vibration, in line with gravitational forces, that are easily achieved with two synchronized Uras Techno rotary electric motors, using the Dual Motor Principle


Simple. Our Vibratory Screeners are designed and built for minimal wear parts to make maintenance an infrequent and easy task.

Quality Components. Uras Techno Rotary Electric Vibrators, Yaskawa Controls, Firestone Isolation Mounts, Mettler-Toledo Weigh Modules, to name a few. We use only the best brands of components on our vibratory equipment, recognized for quality and continuous duty. 


Standard Designs Includes:
  • Impact plate at inlet area for product loading
  • Mounted horizontally below deck and requiring no gravitational assistance are twin dust-tight 1800 RPM Rotary Electric Drives with adjustable force outputs that can be varied to decrease stroke and reduce final conveying
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with keypad and E-stop controls package

  • Mounted below deck is a single VMSAC Pneumatic Air Cushioned Piston Vibrator rated for continuous duty and safe to operate in hazardous areas
  • All vibrators are supplied with exhaust mufflers to significantly reduce noise levels and meet OSHA noise level requirements
  • Mild steel construction with factory painted finish
  • Replaceable screen decks
  • Filter Regulator Lubricators (FRL) and explosion-proof solenoids available
Discharge Options - Vibratory Screener Discharge Options include: Standard flute chute, tapered chute, circular chute or side discharge

Equipment Options - Leveling gate, dust cover, liners and impact plates are available to add to your uniquely designed vibratory screener to provide the best material flow solution for your specific bulk material

Isolation Options - Air mounts, coil springs, sandwich rubber and Marsh-Mellow Mounts

Special Designs. For difficult to handle, fluffy, light-density materials or when large screen openings (i.e. larger than 1" square mesh openings) are required, Uras Techno's 900 RPM or 1200 RPM rotary electric drives with lower frequency and high amplitude can be substituted.

Optional Features Include:
    • Circular inlets and outlets
    • Right or left-hand outlets
    • Above deck or side mounted drives
    • Isolators with support base
    • Overhead coil spring suspension mounting
    • Dust-tight covers and sight ports
    • Booted inlets and outlets for dust containment
    • Tension wedges for quick change of screens
    • Variable Frequency Control to vary feed rates
Select a vibratory screener below or contact us for more details.

EMS Electromechanical Vibratory Screener

Model EMS Electro-Mechanical Screener Feeders with twin motor drives are designed for precise screening where high efficiency is required in the end particle size. Units are mounted horizontally, r...
Portable Vibratory Sreener

PSC-E Portable Sloped Screener

Model PSC-E Portable Sloped Screener offers a customizable screening option with lightweight portability for use across multiple applications dealing with fine bulk materials.
RSM-A Series

RSM Volumetric Vibratory Screener

Our Volumetric Screener Machines are self-contained units incorporating a bulk supply hopper with a vibrator and vibratory pan screener or scalper.
Gravity Flow

SC-E Gravity Flow Vibratory Screener

The gravity flow design is down sloped twenty degrees for gravity-assisted product conveyance, utilizing a single rotary electric vibrator drive.
SF-A Series (Light Duty)

SF-A Air Powered Vibratory Screener

Air-Powered Screeners are primarily used in applications where simple, economical control of the feed rate is desirable. Air-Powered Screeners are recommended for hazardous-duty areas instead of mo...

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