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Industrial Vibration in the Foundry


Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full range of industrial vibrators and equipment to serve Foundries, including match plate vibrators, core machine vibrator models and flask vibrators. Settle bulk loads into vessels with our built-to-spec, customizable vibratory compaction tables. Remove excess materials and debris from loads with our open bottom constructed vibratory shakeout tables. The low profile design handles heavy duty loads up to 12,000 lbs. of sand or debris passing through the unobstructed open bottom. 

Common application of our Vibrators and Equipment for foundries include:
  • Foundry specific vibrators for match plates, roll-over and core machines
  • High temperature turbine vibrators 
  • Pneumatic and electric vibrators for sand bins, hoppers, chutes and shake-outs
  • Precipitators and baghouses  
  • Shake-out tables
  • Vibratory tables for product settling and compaction
  • Vibratory feeders for casting sand and reclamation

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LA Series

LA Series - Matchplate Vibrator

Our LA Series of pneumatic industrial vibrators are designed specifically for optimizing match-plate operations.

CBS & C-1175 - Core & Molding Machine Vibrator

Our CBS and C-1175 styles are designed specifically for convenient mounting on core and molding machines

Vibra-Ball VBC Pneumatic Vibrator

The Cleveland Vibrator Co. lines of industrial ball pneumatic vibrators feature a wide range of force ranges and construction types for handling material flow challenges.
FA Series

FA Flat Deck Vibratory Table

Standard Flat Deck Tables for lower cost of operations in quality testing, production, packaging and shipping
Shake Out

Foundry Shake Out Table

Shake-Out vibratory tables are low profile, durable, and can handle extremely heavy loads. Its open bottom construction allows sand or other debris to pass through unobstructed.

VMS - Vibra-Might Impact Piston Vibrator

Our square-based VMS line of pneumatic vibrators features metal-to-metal piston impact for maximum force output
Ratholing & Bridged Material in Hoppers & Bins

Ratholing & Bridged Material in Hoppers & Bins

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full line of pneumatic and electric industrial vibrators for bulk material bin and hopper unloading and cleanout. 
Bulk Material Settling & Packing

Bulk Material Settling & Packing

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full range of industrial vibrators and equipment for settling and packing materials in drums, containers, packages, molds and forms.
Air Piston Industrial Vibrators - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Air Piston Vibrators

Air hammers & knockers, pneumatic rappers & piston vibrators designed using a hardened, oscillating piston to produce linear forces ranging from 10 lbs. to over 10,000 lbs. 
Foundry Vibrators - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Pneumatic Foundry Vibrators

Our Foundry Vibrators are designed specifically for optimal performance of Foundry equipment including match plates, core and molding machines, roll over machines, flasks and shake-outs.  
Vibratory Tables

Vibratory Tables

The Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a wide range of light, medium, and heavy-duty vibratory tables and vibratory packers for settling and compacting bulk materials.
Shake-out Table Saves AC Foundry Money and Downtime

Shake-out Table Saves AC Foundry Money and Downtime

Low Profile Shake-Out Table (SGT-O) saves AC Foundry $5000/year in replacement parts and days/month of downtime, providing continuous duty service in breaking 1000 mold boxes per day.
Dust Collection System Applications

Dust Collection System Applications

Pneumatic vibrators for use in dust collection systems to optimize collection efficiency, clean out operations and reduced maintenance costs.

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