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Industrial Vibration in Aggregate & Concrete

Aggregate & Concrete

Aggregate & Concrete

Whether in mining, batch plant mixing, pouring or casting, Cleveland Vibrator's wide selection of Vibrators and Equipment can solve your material handling challenges with stone, aggregate and concrete.

Our Pneumatic and Electric Vibrators and Vibratory Equipment will:

  • Ensure consistent material flow from bins hoppers, and chutes for facilities processing aggregate materials
  • Promote worker safety by using vibration as opposed to traditional manual efforts (it's time to retire that sledgehammer!)
  • Prevent costly damage due to hammer hits on your bins, hoppers and chutes as well as reduce production downtime for performing costly maintenance on your equipment
  • Provide controlled rate of material flow using vibratory feeders
  • Separate particles by size using vibratory screeners
  • Consolidate concrete in molds for stone veneers by using vibratory tables and high speed rotary electric vibrators
  • Increase quality of finished concrete and cast products such as burial vaults, septic tanks, manholes, pipes, panels, and ornamental features using external vibration
  • Reduce time and human effort in production and finishing processes to maximize your profitability

Click on the links below or contact us today for more information on our full line of industrial vibrators and vibratory equipment.

Featured Video: Vibratory Table Field Footage for Dense Material Consolidation Application
This unit was designed and manufactured to consolidate thick and dense material into a mold during the filling process. 

Check out our YouTube Channel for Vibration Education,
Tips & Tricks from the Team at The Cleveland Vibrator Company!

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