Vibratory Tables gt-o-grid-top-low-profile-vibratory-table

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Vibratory Tables gt-o-grid-top-low-profile-vibratory-table

Looking to compact or densify bulk materials in your automated process or semi-automated process but have limited space to work with?

Model GT-O Low Profile Vibratory Grid Top Tables from Cleveland Vibrator settle and packs material to lower cost of operations in quality testing, production, packaging and shipping and feature a Grid Top surface for lifting the container or material before vibrating. The Cleveland Vibrator Company's GT-O Low Profile Grid Top Vibratory Table model is ideal for automatic and semi-automatic packaging and filling lines that use roller conveyor systems. This table model is commonly installed at the filling of compaction station of an in-line conveyor system.

Diagram Explanation: The load is first rolled into position over the vibrating station. Air mounts lift the load above the rollers and once in the top position, vibration is applied. After the vibration sequence is complete, the load is lowered back onto the rollers for evacuation and now ready for the process to be repeated on the next container. 

Common Applications Include:
  • Settling material in cartons, drums, kegs, and bags before package sealing and shipping
  • Removal of air and voids from poured concrete and refractories
  • Testing product quality and fatigue
Benefits of the GT-O Vibratory Table Include:
  • Low profile design saves space in compact areas
  • Reduction of manual efforts in production or packaging
  • Improved production rates and product quality
  • Increased quality and consistency in molded and settled products
  • Elimination of broken product and/or broken package rejections
Features and options of the GT-O Vibratory Table include:
  • Choice of mounts for vibration isolation
  • Controls for vibration intensity, force and frequency
  • Deck customizations, such as roller balls, for fitting conveyor lines
  • Designs for loads over 10,000 lbs available
GT Grid Top Tables can fit with 3 different types of roller sections:
  • CDLR Chain Driven Live Roller
  • Standard Conveyors
  • Gravity Rollers

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GT-O Air Powered Grid Top Vibratory Table

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