Vibratory Tables bt-vibratory-belt-conveyor-table

Vibratory Tables bt-vibratory-belt-conveyor-table

Model BT Vibratory Belt Table from Cleveland Vibrator settles and packs material while it conveys to optimize operations in packaging of bulk materials or production of molded products.  Use of gentle vibration ensures efficient removal of voids and air pockets in containers, molds or packaging without damaging product and while staying in line with your automated process flow. The BT Belt Table Conveyor will also flatten bags prior to palletizing, without damaging the bags. There is no pinching, just a gentle vibration to naturally flatten the bags without degradation of contents. 

Benefits of the BT Vibratory Table include:
  • Reduction of manual efforts in production or packaging
  • Cut packaging and handling costs 
  • Simultaneously settle and transport your product to a closing and sealing machine
  • Improved production rates
  • Increased quality and consistency in molded and settled products
  • Elimination of broken product and/or broken package rejections
Features and options of the BT Vibratory Belt Table include:
  • Stainless steel construction and sanitary belt for food industry
  • Controls for varying belt speed, vibration speed and amplitude
  • Guide rails for product alignment

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