Ratholing & Bridged Material in Hoppers & Bins

Ratholing & Bridged Material in Hoppers & Bins

The Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full line of pneumatic and electric industrial vibrators for bulk material unloading and clean out of bins and hoppers. Eliminate ratholing and bridged material that could be causing costly downtime and slower production rates using industrial vibration. 
hammer rash on hopper bin using industrial vibrator
Ratholing material occurs when the material cakes to the hopper or bin wall, creating a narrow channel or hole above the outlet of the bin or hopper.
Bridged or "arching" material is a result of friction that holds up the material ends to the hopper or bin wall, creating an arch over the outlet as it empties. Industrial vibratory flow aids reduce or prevent friction from occurring.

Applying industrial vibration to your hoppers and bins also eliminates ugly and expensive hammer rash. Material hang-ups slow production down, reaching for the nearest hammer, metal bar, etc. may seem like the best solution. By using these traditional and inexpensive options, it causes more damaging and costly repairs in the long run.  Investing in vibratory flow aids for your hoppers and bins will promote employee safety and save you money. 

Our pneumatic and electric bin and hopper vibrators will:

pneumatic bin vibrator
    • Promote the consistent and controlled material flow of dry or semi-dry bulk materials
    • Eliminate bridging, rat holes, and stuck material
    • Reduce costs in manual labor for unsticking materials from bins or hopper walls
    • Unload and produce good faster in your production process
    • Prevent costly hammer rash and unnecessary damage to your equipment

    Common applications include:

    • Ingredient or load out bins in feed mills
    • Aggregate batcher bins
    • Cement batcher bins
    • Dust collector hoppers
    • Conveyor hoppers
    • Foundry sand bins
    • Wood pellet and shavings bins

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    Single Impact Air Knocker Keeps Sticky Chemicals Off Bin Walls

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    Kalmbach Feeds Counts on VMSAC to Free Up Product Flow & Reduce Bin Damage

    Kalmbach Feeds Counts on VMSAC Air-Cushioned Piston Vibrators from Cleveland Vibrator to Free Up Product Flow and Reduce Bin Damage.

    Industec Granular Pigment Dispensing Systems Rely On VMSAC, VMS and SA-EP Piston Vibrators

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    Determine the Number of Vibrators You Need and How to Install Them

    Learn how to determine how many vibrators you need for your application and how to properly install them

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