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industrial vibrator selection guide"The Cleveland Vibrator Company has been extremely helpful and easy to work with. Their product knowledge was invaluable in the decision-making process of what size and how much force is needed for our application." - Jerry Vanhoosen, Quick-Fill LLC

The Cleveland Vibrator Co. lines of industrial vibrators and material flow aids feature a wide range of force ranges, construction types in air-powered (pneumatic) piston vibrators, hammers, knockers and rappers, turbine and ball vibrators; or electric styles of rotary electric vibrator motors, DC, and electromagnetic linear vibrators; for handling material flow challenges from a few pounds to over 100 tons in bins, hoppers, railcars, trucks, chutes, feeders, filters, screeners, packers, parts tracks and more.

The Cleveland Vibrator Company invites you to download our FREE Industrial Vibrator Selection Guide. Inside these pages are 98+ years of experience in selection, installation, operation and maintenance tips and tricks, making the selection process quick and easy.

Be sure to check our products in action on our Industrial Vibrator Playlist on our YouTube Channel!  With hundreds of videos, endless hours of #VibrationEducation content, learn how Cleveland Vibrator is helping our customer's and keeping their dry bulk material moving. 

What can you expect from a Cleveland Vibrator Industrial Vibrator?

DURABLE - designed and constructed for continuous duty and maximum life

SAFE - options provided for hazardous, corrosive or explosion proof environments and nearly silent operation

VERSATILE - wide range of vibration intensities and design types including: air piston, pneumatic hammer, rapper, knocker, turbine, ball, rotary electric vibrator motor, or electromagnetic; allow for flexibility in mounting angles, force outputs, material loads and applications

EASY - all vibrators come with Grade 5 mounting fasteners for quick set-up

We are dedicated to stock and availability of our electric and pneumatic industrial vibrators. See online pricing by selecting a product line below or contact us today to learn how our industrial vibrators can benefit your business. 
Air Piston Industrial Vibrators - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Air Piston Vibrators

Air hammers & knockers, pneumatic rappers & piston vibrators designed using a hardened, oscillating piston to produce linear forces ranging from 10 lbs. to over 10,000 lbs. 

Pneumatic Portable and Railcar Industrial Vibrators - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Portable and Railcar Pneumatic Vibrators

Where permanent installation on a bin, hopper, chute or form isn't an option, these vibrator's mounting systems provide a portable solution.

Miniature Pneumatic Piston and Turbine Vibrators - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Miniature Air Vibrators

Compact and powerful, our series of miniature piston and turbine vibrators offer a range of solutions for precise and delicate material flow challenges.

Pneumatic Industrial Turbine Vibrators - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators

Our Turbine Vibrators include some of the smallest on the market. Units feature very low air consumption and require no lubrication.

Uras Techno Rotary Electric Vibratory Motors - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Rotary Electric Vibrators

Cleveland Vibrator offers 50+ models of continuous duty, Uras Techno® rotary electric vibrator motors in single or 3 phase AC power for 110V, 230/460V, 380V and CSA Approved 575V. Stainless Steel ...

DC Truck Vibrators - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Truck and Trailer DC Vibrators

Truck & Trailer Vibrators provide an efficient vibratory option for hung up or bridged material in trailer, tractor or truck-drawn hoppers, spreaders, and screeners. Eliminate costly carrybacks.


Electromagnetic Vibrators

CM Vibrators feature unitized armature assemblies with strong fiberglass leaf springs and an encapsulated, high temperature coil to provide long service life.

Pneumatic Industrial Ball Vibrator - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Pneumatic Ball Vibrators

A lower cost option than Turbomite pneumatic turbine vibrators where higher noise levels and shorter product life are acceptable.

Foundry Vibrators - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Pneumatic Foundry Vibrators

Our Foundry Vibrators are designed specifically for optimal performance of Foundry equipment including match plates, core and molding machines, roll over machines, flasks and shake-outs.  



Mounting channels and female brackets, controllers, starter boxes, filter/lubricator/regulators and valves.

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