MG Large Load Truck & Trailer Vibrators MG-3500

The MG-3500 is a high force vibrator with lower frequency to produce a strong, high stroke vibration perfect for unsticking heavy loads in large dump beds. The intermittent duty rated vibrators come permanently lubricated making it a low maintenance option for material flow or truck dump body applications. Its rugged ductile iron housing and heavy duty design can handle the toughest of environments. Get the efficiency of pneumatic vibrators at a lower operational cost and lower noise levels using our DC vibrators.

Manufacturers across North America rely on our DC Truck & Trailer Vibrators because our products are:

DURABLE - its rugged housing and heavy duty design with IP-66 protection can hand the toughest of environments

SAFE - protect yourself and your equipment, quit slamming the brakes and beating the truck bed with a hammer by using ultra-quiet DC Vibrators 

VERSATILE - the same bolt pattern for mounting is used for multiple force models 

EASY - accessible, easy-to-change motor brushes

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38.00 lbs


3500 lbf


4000 RPM

Recomended Temp. for Operation

-4 F thru 122 F

Amp Draw @ 12 Volt


Recommended Cycle

10 Min On, 60 Min Off

Bed Size

> 12 cu. yd. (35,000 lbs. max)

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