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Pneumatic Foundry Vibrators

The Cleveland Vibrator Co. provides lines of industrial vibrators purpose built for foundries in a wide variety of sizes, strengths and applications.  Our vibrators provide cost saving solutions to multiple aspects of the foundry, from cleaning large flasks and cores to roll-over machines, core machines, match plates and molds.

DURABLE - cast ductile iron housing and spring-less design provides rugged, heat resistant construction that is built to last

SAFE - pneumatic power and minimal moving parts allows for worry free operation in hazardous areas

VERSATILE - range of vibration intensities and design types allow for flexibility in mounting angles, force outputs and applications

EASY - all vibrators come with mounting fasteners for quick set-up

Select a link below to learn more about the pneumatic vibrators that are right for your foundry or contact us now for additional information.

SA-EP - Spring-Activated Piston Air Vibrator

Our SA-EP line of pneumatic piston vibrators features high-frequencies and adaptable mounting heads optimal for molds, foundry applications and small bins, hoppers and chutes.

CBS & C-1175 - Core & Molding Machine Vibrator

Our CBS and C-1175 styles are designed specifically for convenient mounting on core and molding machines
LA Series

LA Series - Matchplate Vibrator

Our LA Series of pneumatic industrial vibrators are designed specifically for optimizing match-plate operations.
CVT Series

Turbomite CVT Series Turbine Vibrators

Our CVT line of Turbomite pneumatic, turbine, industrial vibrators feature ductile iron construction with high-temperature options, optimal for use in industrial settings on material loads from 20...

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