Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators

The Cleveland Vibrator Co. lines of turbine vibrators feature a wide variety of construction types, sizes, and force outputs. Turbine vibrators are suited for large and small applications, ranging from pharmaceuticals and foods to bulk material.

DURABLE - laser-etched acetal body construction ensures no contamination and long life

SAFE -features low noise levels while pneumatic power allows for operation in hazardous areas

VERSATILE - start and run at low inlet pressures, some as low as 5 psi

EASY - requires no lubrication, ball bearings are permanently lubricated

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Mini Vacuum Mount

Turbine Vibrator Vacuum Mount Series

Perfect for applications where a permanent installation is not possible, the Mini Vacuum Mount Series will mount to any smooth surface serving as a vibratory solution for light-weight bulk material...
CVT Series

Turbomite CVT Series Turbine Vibrators

Our CVT line of Turbomite pneumatic, turbine, industrial vibrators feature ductile iron construction with high-temperature options, optimal for use in industrial settings on material loads from 20...
Turbomite CVT-A Series Turbine Vibrators

Turbomite CVT-A Series Turbine Vibrators

Our CVT-A line of Turbomite pneumatic, turbine, industrial vibrators feature anodized aluminum construction with unique, flexible mounting base system for matching many existing bolt hole patterns.
CVT-P Series

Turbomite CVT-P Series Turbine Vibrators

Our CVT-P line of Turbomite pneumatic turbine industrial vibrators feature Acetal plastic and laser etched #304 stainless steel construction, optimal for material loads from 25 lbs. to 1000 lbs.

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