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Truck and Trailer DC Vibrators

Tough Truck & Trailer Loads Demand A Tougher Solution. 

The Cleveland Vibrator Co. line of DC Electric Vibrators for Truck & Trailer Unloading applications feature a wide range of force outputs and construction types for handling tougher material flow challenges. Our DC Vibrators comes in forces from 80 lbf. all the way up to 3500 lbf., making this product line a perfect solution for handling any load size within your truck or trailer hopper, spreader or screener. Eliminate bridged material stuck in your mobile equipment or spreader truck with Cleveland Vibrator's DC-Z Series. Achieve clean out status and reduce manual labor with our MG Series truck vibrators for larger load applications such as hopper bottom material unloading, belly dumps, side dumps and dump bodies. 

Manufacturers across North America rely on our Trailer Hopper Vibrators because our products are:

DURABLE - designed and constructed with environmental protection in mind, ensuring maximum life 

SAFE – prevent damage to your trailer or truck by eliminating the use of hammers or backhoes to unload hung up materials - removes safety hazard of trailer or bed entry and human unloading assistance  

VERSATILE - 12V and 24V 
 with forces ranging from 80 lbf. to 3,500 lbf. for truck and trailer spreaders, chutes, hoppers & dumps

EASY - all vibrators come with pre-installed lead cable and mounting fasteners for quick set-up

DC Truck Vibrators

DC Small Load Truck & Trailer Vibrators

The Cleveland Vibrator Company DC-Z-80 and DC-Z-200 Electric Vibrators provide an efficient vibratory option for small loads in trailer, tractor or truck-drawn hoppers, spreaders, or screeners.
MG Medium Load Trailer Hopper Vibrators

MG Medium Load Truck & Trailer Vibrators

The Mean Green Electric Vibrator Series gives you efficiency and optimal operation when dealing with material flow issues for medium loads in trailer, tractor or truck-drawn hoppers, spreaders, or ...
MG Large Load Trailer Hopper Vibrators

MG Large Load Truck & Trailer Vibrators

Designed to withstand the toughest of environments and the heaviest of loads up to 35,000 lbs., Cleveland Vibrator's MG-3500 Series is the perfect solution for unsticking heavy loads in large dump ...

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