Vibratory Feeders rfm-volumetric-vibratory-feeder

Vibratory Feeders rfm-volumetric-vibratory-feeder

RFM Series volumetric feeder from Cleveland Vibrator are compact, self-contained units, incorporating a bulk supply hopper with a vibrator and vibratory feeder.  RFM volumetric feeders enable controlled and reliable flow of bulk materials and parts ensuring efficient and low-cost dumping and feeding into production processes. 

Common Applications of the RFM Series Volumetric Feeder include:

  • Feeding bulk materials or parts from an inexact dump process to a precise production process
Benefits of the RFM Series Volumetric Feeder include:
  • Accurate ingredient flow into batches
  • Improved production rates and product quality
  • Faster, more streamlined production lines
  • All-in-one unit for low maintenance
Features and options of the RFM Series Volumetric Feeder include:
    • Can operate off of digital scale instruments or timing controls
    • Controls for managing flow rate with vibration intensity, force and frequency
    • Designs for loads up to 30 tons per hour available
    • Feeder tray options for flat pan, dust covers and enclosed tube

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