Bulk Material Feeding & Conveying

Bulk Material Feeding & Conveying

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full line of pneumatic and electric industrial vibrators and vibratory equipment for feeding and conveying bulk materials between 100 lbs. and 280 Tons per hour.

Our Pneumatic and Electric Vibrators and Equipment will:
  • Move bulk material gently in processing steps
  • Lower maintenance costs when compared mechanical options
  • Combine processing steps such as feeding and cooling, feeding and screening, conveying and settling/packing
  • Handle materials ranging from frozen foods to foundry sands, mined material to hot aluminum dross, and scrap metal to bulk nuts

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CF-A Series (Light Duty)

CF-A Air Powered Vibratory Feeder

Our CF-A Series of air powered feeders are economical and effective, while meeting demands for feed rates up to 50 tons per hour in hazardous and explosion proof environments.

EMF Electromechanical Vibratory Feeder

EMF models all produce a linear motion that provides smooth, uniform, volumetric flow which is fully adjustable. Units are mounted horizontally, requiring no gravitational assistance for product co...
RFM-A Series

RFM Volumetric Vibratory Feeder

Our Volumetric Feeder Machines are self-contained units incorporating a bulk supply hopper with a vibrator and vibratory feeder.
EMF-T Vibratory Tube Feeder

EMF-T Vibratory Tube Feeder

Electromechanical Vibratory Tube Feeders feature a totally enclosed tube tray that is optimal for conveying dusty material loads or other fragile loads that require sanitary surfaces and protection...
CT-A Air Powered Vibratory Tube Feeder

CT-A Air Powered Vibratory Tube Feeder

Feed and convey dusty material loads or other powder bulk materials that require protection from environmental elements in hazardous areas with economical Air Powered Tube Feeders.
Aggregate & Concrete

Aggregate & Concrete

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full range of industrial vibrators and equipment for processing and working with stone, aggregate and concrete materials including dewatering screeners and vibra...
Feed & Grain

Feed & Grain

Unload grain and feed bins with Cleveland Vibrator's full product line of air and electric powered industrial vibrators. From the field, to storage and in transit to end user, Cleveland Vibrator of...


Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full range of industrial vibrators and equipment for the manufacturing industry.
Pharmaceutical, Medical & Food

Pharmaceutical, Medical & Food

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full line of quiet and efficient vibrators and equipment made from clean room acceptable materials.


Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full range of industrial vibrators and equipment for manufacturing plastic pellets and small plastic parts.


Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a range of solutions for manufacturing and processing powder products from bin vibrators, feeders and conveyors to screeners for 10 micron and up.
Uras Rotary Electric Vibratory Motors - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Rotary Electric Vibrators

Cleveland Vibrator offers 50+ models of continuous duty, Uras Techno® rotary electric vibrator motors in single or 3 phase AC power for 110V, 230/460V, 380V and CSA Approved 575V.
Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory Feeders

Cleveland Vibrator offers a wide range of vibratory feeders that provide smooth, uniform & adjustable volumetric flow of bulk materials with significant cost advantages over mechanical feeders.

Ferro Mangenese Tube Feeder

Enclosed Electromechanical Tube Feeder (CT-E) replaces belt conveyor to convey ferro mangenese to a refractory furnace

Feeding Plastic Pellets from Rotary Cutter to Bucket Elevator

Electromechanical Feeder (EMF) with screen deck feeds 4000 lbs/hour of plastic pellets to a bucket elevator while removing dust particulate for leading plastic pellet maker.

Feeder Reduces Waste and Increases Production for Metal Coatings International

Electromechanical Feeder (EMF) with flat tray deck reduces manual labor and wasted material in production process for Metal Coatings International.

Perceptive Industrial Ovens Perform with Two Cleveland Vibrator Solutions

Perceptive Industries was in need of equipment to create a uniform and consistent flow as customer parts are conveyed through their oven that would keep the components from sticking together after ...

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