Vibratory Feeders cf-a-air-powered-vibratory-feeder

Vibratory Feeders cf-a-air-powered-vibratory-feeder

Our CF-A Series of air powered feeders are economical and effective, while meeting demands for feed rates up to 50 tons per hour in hazardous and explosion proof environments. CF-A feeders enable controlled and reliable flow of bulk materials and parts ensuring efficient feeding into production processes.  The vibratory drive is a dependable air-cushioned piston vibrator with a double diameter piston, guaranteeing operation when mounted at any angle without the use of an external spring. An exhaust muffler is provided to reduce noise levels, you can also achieve quieter operation by porting the exhausting air away from the work area. Coating the bore to enable operation without lubricated air is available. Standard air controls include a quick acting solenoid valve (115/1/60), lubro control and a 5' hose with fittings. Explosion proof valves are also available. 

Common Applications of the CF-A Series Air Powered Feeder include:

  • Feeding bulk materials, parts or scrap material at a controlled rate to a precise production process or melt furnace
Benefits of the CF-A Series Air Powered Feeder include:
  • Accurate ingredient flow into batches
  • Improved production rates and product quality
  • Faster, more streamlined production lines
  • Long product life with very low annual maintenance cost
Features and options of the CF-A Series Air Powered Feeder include:
  • Controls for vibration provide fast and easy force adjustment
  • Designs for loads up to 50 tons per hour available
  • Tray options for flat pan, dust covers and enclosed tube
  • Product contact surface material options of stainless steel or UHMW plastic
  • Explosion proof solenoid valves

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