BB - Portable Clamp Mount Vibrators Bolt Bite CVT-80

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BB - Portable Clamp Mount Vibrators Bolt Bite CVT-80

The BB Bolt-Bite clamping mount system allows quick attachment and detachment to a bin discharge, hopper knocker rail or concrete mold frame for a portable vibration solution without welded female bracket.  Four vibrator options are available and interchangeable: our Turbomite CVT-80, Vibra-Ball VBB-80, Spring Activated 1-1/4" SA-EP and 1-1/4" SAM. Great for unloading grain and feed trucks.

DURABLE - Steel construction using Grade 5 bolts will stand the test of time even in harsh conditions

SAFE - Eliminates dangers of climbing into bins and hoppers toaid material flow.  Pneumatic power enables operation in hazardousenvironments. 

VERSATILE - Wide clamp opening allows for mounting to many widths of knocker rails or frames.

EASY - Compact designs can be handled by one person.  Bolt adjustment for clamp takes 30 seconds or less.  High force outputs will handle large material loads in a small amount of time.

Click on the "BUY ONLINE" button to order the portable vibrator that will best suit your needs, or contact us now for more details on our clamp-mounted vibrators.

Bolt Bite CVT-80

4-7/8 in. (12.29 cm)
5 in. (12.6 cm)
3/4 in. (1.89 cm)
2-1/4 in. (5.67 cm)
8-13/16 in. (22.21 cm)
3/4-10 Bolt
5/8 in. (1.58 cm)
2-7/8 in. (7.25 cm)


11.00 lbs

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