Lab & Pilot Sieves HK Dual Drive Sieve Shaker Series

HK Technologies Dual Drive Sieve Shaker Series is designed with a three dimensional sieving motion which allows the sample material to move equally over the complete sieving surface. As a result, you have the capabilities for high load capacities processing with shorter sieving times but high separation efficiency. Units can be air powered or electrically operated for any wet or dry application. It is supplied for tabletop operations or with casters. The dual drive design provides for maximum throughput of product for difficult to screen materials. 

It provides advanced ultrasonic sieving technology combined with electromechanical or electromagnetic vibration that virtually eliminates screen binding or clogging during the sieve test analysis process. This is achieved by transmitting the high frequency, low amplitude ultrasonic vibration through the HK ultrasonic vibration transfer ring to the adjacent sieves. The technology allows for a drastic and much more reliable analysis of your hard-to-sieve sample material.

Features and Benefits of the HK Dual Drive Sieve Shaker Series include:
  • 3", 8", 12" and 17" sieve diameters available
  • Two (2) high speed rotary electric drives provides a rugged 3 dimensional vibratory action
  • Drives can handle 8 full size test frames or up to 16 half frames
  • Stainless steel construction, non-metallic construction designs available
  • Unique Ultrasonic transducer design allows for 100% utilization of screen surface
  • Screens down to 20 microns - 5 microns with electroformed sieve frames
  • Accurate and reliable analysis
  • Increases life of sieve frames - no brushes or cleaning balls necessary 
Cut and separate your fine materials into the mesh size you need.

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