Bulk Material and Powder Screening & Scalping

Bulk Material and Powder Screening & Scalping

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full range of pneumatic, electric and ultrasonic industrial vibrators and vibratory equipment for screening, scalping, sifting, sieving, separating, classifying and dewatering bulk materials and powders.

Our Pneumatic and Electric Vibrators and Equipment will:
  • Screen, scalp and sift dry, semi-dry and wet bulk material
  • Separate and classify materials by size
  • Remove water, fines, over sized and contaminant materials
  • Increase production throughput
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Screen with openings as large as 4" and as small as 5 microns

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SF-A Series (Light Duty)

SF-A Air Powered Vibratory Screener

Air-Powered Screeners are primarily used in applications where simple, economical control of the feed rate is desirable. Air-Powered Screeners are recommended for hazardous-duty areas instead of mo...

EMS Electromechanical Vibratory Screener

Model EMS Electro-Mechanical Screener Feeders with twin motor drives are designed for precise screening where high efficiency is required in the end particle size. Units are mounted horizontally, r...
Gravity Flow

SC-E Gravity Flow Vibratory Screener

The gravity flow design is down sloped twenty degrees for gravity-assisted product conveyance, utilizing a single rotary electric vibrator drive.
RSM-A Series

RSM Volumetric Vibratory Screener

Our Volumetric Screener Machines are self-contained units incorporating a bulk supply hopper with a vibrator and vibratory pan screener or scalper.
Twin Motor Shifter

HK Twin Motor Sifter

The HK Twin Motor Sifter provides a three dimensional motion thus allowing for greater throughput of difficult to screen products.
HK Seiving Tower

HK Dual Drive Lab Shaker

The HK Dual Drive Lab Shaker provides advanced ultrasonic sieving technology combined with electromechanical or electromagnetic vibration that virtually eliminates screen binding or clogging during...
Round Gyratory

HKC Series

Th HKC Series featuring Fine Mesh Sifters offer economical and low profile solutions for a diverse range of applications such as powder coating reclamation, powdered metals and food product ingredi...

HK Lab Screeners

HK Technologies line of Fine Mesh Laboratory Screeners are an effective tool for the lab or pilot plant evaluating small powder batches.

HyBrute Ultrasonic Screener

The HyBrute Screener combines the power of a brute force screener with the sensitivity of an ultrasonic sieving system, resulting in a high-capacity, rectangular screener for fine materials.
HK Incline

HK Incline Screener

The HK Incline is a complete self-contained ultrasonic screening system designed for extremely high yield screening applications.
Ultrasonic Screening Conversion

Ultrasonic Sieve Conversion System

HK Technologies can convert your current Sweco, Russell Finex, Kason or Midwestern screener to use the power of our unique ultrasonic deblinding system to increase throughput up to 10X.
Rescreening Services

Screen Replacement Service

Improve your screener and sifter maintenance with our turn-key services for managing your rescreens. We rescreen most major manufacturers, including Sweco, Kason, Russell Finex and Midwestern, at ...
Quik Siv

HK Quik Siv Hand Sieve

The HK Quik Siv easily clamps to your 8" and 12" laboratory sieve frames for quick and consistent hand sieving using a high-frequency, quiet Turbomite pneumatic vibrator.
Portable Vibratory Sreener

PSC-E Portable Sloped Screener

Model PSC-E Portable Sloped Screener offers a customizable screening option with lightweight portability for use across multiple applications dealing with fine bulk materials.
Aggregate & Concrete

Aggregate & Concrete

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full range of industrial vibrators and equipment for processing and working with stone, aggregate and concrete materials including dewatering screeners and vibra...


Cleveland Vibrator Company offers heavy duty Rotary Electric Vibrators for existing equipment, railcar vibrators and a full line of vibratory feeders, conveyors and screeners.
Pharmaceutical, Medical & Food

Pharmaceutical, Medical & Food

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full line of quiet and efficient vibrators and equipment made from clean room acceptable materials.


Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full range of industrial vibrators and equipment for manufacturing plastic pellets and small plastic parts.


Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a range of solutions for manufacturing and processing powder products from bin vibrators, feeders and conveyors to screeners for 10 micron and up.
Recycling & Scrap

Recycling & Scrap

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full range of industrial vibrators and equipment for the Recycling Industry including heavy duty feeders, conveyors and screeners and replacement Rotary Electric...
Uras Rotary Electric Vibratory Motors - Cleveland Vibrator Company

Rotary Electric Vibrators

Cleveland Vibrator offers 50+ models of continuous duty, Uras Techno® rotary electric vibrator motors in single or 3 phase AC power for 110V, 230/460V, 380V and CSA Approved 575V.
Vibratory Screeners

Vibratory Screeners

Multiple screener, scalper & sieves design options are available to size and separate materials, or remove unwanted materials from a batch, such as liquids, fines or over-sized product.
Fine Mesh Ultrasonic Vibratory Sieves and Screeners - HK Technologies

Fine Mesh Vibratory Sieves, Sifters and Screeners

HK Technologies fine mesh screening equipment significantly improve rates for screening, sifting, sieving and sizing of materials from 5 micron to #10 mesh in lab or production environments.

Shake-out Table Saves AC Foundry Money and Downtime

Low Profile Shake-Out Table (SGT-O) saves AC Foundry $5000/year in replacement parts and days/month of downtime, providing continuous duty service in breaking 1000 mold boxes per day.

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