Vibratory Packers and Joggers vp-light-duty-vibratory-packers

Vibratory Packers and Joggers vp-light-duty-vibratory-packers

The Cleveland Vibrator Company Model VP, vibratory packer is ideal for settling materials in small containers. Units are customizable and available in air powered or electric styles. The force and frequency of air powered models are adjustable by air pressure regulation, while electric powered packer tables when a VFC variable frequency controller is added. Max load capacity capabilities range from 50 lbs. through 250 lbs. 

Common Applications Include:

  • Compacting coffee, pharmaceuticals, and various powdered products in bottles, cans, bags, and other small containers
Benefits of the VP Light Duty Packer Include:
  • Typically packs material to full density in 30 seconds or less, reducing production or packing time
  • Lowers container costs and improves product quality and consistency
Features and options of the VP Light Duty Packer include:
  • Custom material tops or holders to secure containers
  • Frequency controls
  • Electric or pneumatic models available to suit various needs such as explosion proof
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