Vibratory Packers and Joggers vibratory-drum-packers

Vibratory Packers and Joggers vibratory-drum-packers

The Cleveland Vibrator Company's Drum Packers eliminate dead space in large drums before shipping, reducing container costs. Drum packers are safe, compact, durable, and rated for continuous duty.

Common Applications Include:

  • Compacting granulars, powders, pellets, molded or stamped rubber, plastic, and steel parts
Benefits of the Drum Packer Include:
  • Rugged yet compact design takes up less than 6 square feet of floor space
  • Fits more product in less space, reducing container costs
  • Rated for continuous duty
Features and options of the Drum Packer include:
  • Quiet operation meets OSHA requirements
  • Drum restraints included
  • Supplied complete with dial type solid state control for adjustment of vibration force and frequency to meet your exact requirements
  • Explosion proof pneumatic drum packers are available

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Click here to see this product in action on our YouTube Channel

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