Vibratory Screeners sf-a-air-powered-vibratory-screener

Vibratory Screeners sf-a-air-powered-vibratory-screener

The Cleveland Vibrator Company's Air-Powered Screeners are primarily used in applications where simple, economical control of the feed rate is desirable. Air-Powered Screeners are recommended for hazardous-duty areas instead of more expensive electric alternatives.

Common Applications Include:

  • Screening bulk materials, such as powders, plastic pellets, aggregate, or scrap metals
Benefits of the Air Powered Screener Include:
  • Ideal for use in hazardous areas
  • Double diameter piston vibrator guarantees starting at any mounting angle without the use of a return spring
  • Rated for continuous duty
Features and options of the Air Powered Screener include:
    • Models range from light to heavy duty
    • Exhaust muffler is provided to reduce noise level
    • Coating of the bore to enable operation without lubricated air is available
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