6-Pole Rotary Electric Vibrators RE 13-6 (KEE 13-6)

6-Pole Rotary Electric Vibrators RE 13-6 (KEE 13-6)

The Cleveland Vibrator Co. (RE) & Uras Techno® (KEE) line 3-Phase 6-Pole Rotary Electric Vibrators feature forces ranging from 660 Lbs to 40,700 Lbs at frequency of 1200 RPM.  Rugged construction and environmentally protected design makes these units ideal for dusty indoor environments or outdoor operation on packing or settling tables, screeners, feeders or as flow aids on bins and hoppers.

DURABLE - fully enclosed construction (TENV) and continuous duty rating provide for a long service life in harsh conditions.  Most units have permanently greased bearings for reducing maintenance requirements.

SAFE - units run at average of 58 dbA at four feet

VERSATILE - each unit has adjustable force outputs with most units being fully adjustable from 0%-100% force output rather than being limited to pre-set stop points.

EASY - all units come with Grade 5 mounting fasteners as well as a pre-installed, anti-vibrational lead cable

All 575V Models are now CSA Approved!

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Questions on the RE, RES or KEE, SEE model names?  A Cleveland Vibrator Model RE 80-6 is the same as a URAS KEE 80-6 and the Single Phase RES 1-2 is the equivalent to a Uras Model SEE 1-2.

RE 13-6 (KEE 13-6)

9-41/64" (24.5cm)
9-29/64" (24.0cm)
5-33/64" (14.0cm)
25/32" (2.0cm)
5-1/8" (13.0cm)
10-15/64" (26.0cm)
2-9/16" (7.0cm)
2-61/64" (7.5cm)
17-33/64" (44.5cm)
11-13/16" (30.0cm)
7-23/32" (20.0cm)
4-9/64" (10.5cm)
1-1/64" (2.6cm)


156.20 lbs



Max Force

2,860 lbs (13kN)

Amp Draw @ Volts 230 (460)

3.9 (2.1)

Protection Structure


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Cleveland Vibrator Company offers heavy duty Rotary Electric Vibrators for existing equipment, railcar vibrators and a full line of vibratory feeders, conveyors and screeners.

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