SAM/ACM - Spring-Activated Piston Air Vibrator 3/4" ACM

SAM/ACM - Spring-Activated Piston Air Vibrator 3/4" ACM

The Cleveland Vibrator Co. SAM & ACM line of pneumatic piston vibrator feature reduced noise levels from SA-EP as a quieter yet powerful alternative for match plates, shell core machines and small bins, hoppers and chutes.

DURABLE - steel housing and exhaust port protection ensure a long life of continuous duty

SAFE - air cushioning and muffler provide reduced noise levels and pneumatic power allows for operation in hazardous areas

VERSATILE - spring activation of the piston allows for mounting at any angle on a variety of mediums

EASY - all industrial vibrators come with mounting fasteners for quick set-up

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3/4" ACM

5-3/4" (14.6cm)
1-15/16" (4.9cm)
1/4" (0.6cm)
3/8" (1.0cm)
1-3/16" (3.0cm)


2.00 lbs

Piston Dia.

3/4" (1.9cm)

AIR CNSMP @ 80 psi ; 5.4bar

2.8 cfm ; 79.3 lpm

FREQ. @ 80 psi ; 5.4bar

3550 VPM

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