BulkLoads.com Features Cleveland Vibrator on Their New Podcast

BulkLoads provides solutions to the bulk commodity industry that makes business faster, more efficient and more profitable. They are a network for bulk commodities and transportation, connecting and interacting, through their community-driven load boards, forum discussions, instant messaging and member directories.  

They are a community of shippers, brokers and carriers in the dry and liquid bulk truckload industry. Their shipper members are traders, merchandisers and transportation logistics managers of grain, feed, fertilizer, aggregate and all bulk commodities. Their carrier members pull hopper bottoms, end dumps, walking floors, pneumatic, belts and tanker trailers. BulkLoads.com is driven by their community members, creating solutions to match shippers with loads to move with the carriers to move them.

Cleveland Vibrator and BulkLoads have had a long working relationship as partners and sponsors in the Truck & Trailer Industry. We are thrilled to have been awarded the opportunity to be a featured guest on BulkLoad's podcast. 

Want to learn about industrial vibration and its use in the Truck & Trailer Industry? Listen to the podcast here!

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