Cleveland Vibrator Releases Vibrator Selection Guide

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The Cleveland Vibrator Company’s new and improved Vibrator Selection Guide provides guidelines that put the power of 90+ years of industrialvibrator application experience into an easy 3 step selection process for anyone looking to apply vibration to a bin, hopper, chute or pipe. Whether its use is to promote material flow or to clean out or clean off vessel walls,corners and sticking points, Cleveland Vibrator believes that this guide can provide vibratory solutions for 90% of common applications they have seen throughout their long history. However,this is only a guide. If you need additional help in making the bestvibrator selection for your application, The Cleveland Vibrator Company Sales Team is happy to assist you.

The considerations that go into making the best choice are numerous but a few of the important factors include: the type of material within the bin, hopper, pipe or chute, the vibrator force and frequency neededfor the application, the geometry of the bin, and environmental challenges, to name a few. With their near century years of experience, Cleveland Vibrator has created a simple process of selecting the best vibrator(s) for bin, hopper,chute and pipe applications. By following these three easy steps, you can find the industrial vibrator that best suits your unique application. Be sure to follow these steps in the order given to achieve the most effective result.

Step #1: Find the number of vibrators needed for your application - Determining the amount ofvibrators needed for your application is dictated by the size and shape of your bin, hopper, chute or pipe as well as the type of material flow solution your application requires. Remember, industrial vibrators have a “radius of influence” of up to 5 ft. that controls how much of the vessel and material they will affect. The larger the vessel, the more vibrators needed to effectively move the bulk material. Your application type determines if you need to shake the entire vessel to promote material flow, clean out or cleanoff walls, or vibrate a single problem area to get something “unstuck.” ClevelandVibrator provides a variety of high quality renderings of differently shaped bins and hoppers to help you determine the amount of vibrators needed for your application. Industrial chute and pipe applications are also addressed in this section.

Step #2: Find the strength of vibrator needed for your application - If you are trying to clean out, clean off or unstick bulk materials, the wall thickness of the vessel is the only factor you need to consider, as finding the force of the industrial vibrator is not needed to determine the best vibrator model for thisapplication. If you are in search of a vibratory solution to promote material flow, you will need to calculate the total weight of the material in the transition area, also known as the sloped wall, of the hopper or chute. In finding this weight, you will be able to calculate the total force required to meet your application's vibratory aid needs. Cleveland Vibrator provides you with the tools needed for determining the material load in the sloped section and total force per vibrator required for various vessel shapes in this section ofthe guide. You will also be given the proper information to help in selecting the correct vibrator strength needed for your load and/or wall thickness during this step.  

Step #3: Find the best type of vibrator for your application - Now that you have found the number of vibrators and the strength needed for your application, you will discover there are multiple vibrator style options that fit your application needs. In this last step, you will choose the best selection based on powersource requirements, noise and environmental concerns, material properties and application. Cleveland Vibrator describes each vibrator model in great detail,ranking strengths of the many different models and types of vibrators ClevelandVibrator offers to help you make the best decision that will get the job done during this step.

Cleveland Vibrator also used their many years’ experience and team collaboration between Sales, Manufacturing and Engineering to provide guidelines for optimal vibrator mounting methods. From permanent mounting options to pipe bracket assemblies and portable vibrator mounts, you will find the necessary tools needed to choose the best mounting channel for your application.

When welding the mounting channel to the vessel wall,Cleveland Vibrator stresses the importance of stitch welding and MIG welding if your vessel wall is stainless or mild steel. Inside this guide, there is a page dedicated to proper welding tips for optimal vibrator operation which will relieve your equipment from the potential damage due to improper installation.

Lastly, this guide provides installation overviews for pneumatic and electric vibrators. Important information pertaining to correct maintenance of pneumatic vibrators breaks down into 3 categories: feed, control and protect the pneumatic vibrator. Guidelines include material to help you find the correct size NPT inlet for operating multiple pneumatic vibrators on one valve,proper force output to air consumption ratio for optimal operation and correct lubrication amounts per model type. Electric vibrators have a similar format in this guide, as Cleveland Vibrator lays the ground work to help you decide the best option for controlling and protecting the electric vibrator based on your unique application requirements.

Pneumatic and electric vibrators are used for many applications spreading across numerous industries. From material flow aids to use on vibratory equipment, no two applications are ever the same. This guide provides you the information you need to help you decide the best vibratorymaterial flow aid for your specific application. As stated before, this is only a guide. If you find that you require further assistance or would like to validate your industrial vibrator choice based on the outcome of following this guide, Cleveland Vibrator has a team of experts that are here to help. 

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