Cleveland Vibrator Company announces sieve tower analyzer with electromagnetic jogger drive option

HK Laboratory/Pilot Sieve Towers from Cleveland Vibrator Company have a unique, heavy duty, vibratory design that enables quick sieve analysis of product samples with maximum throughput. With a choice of an optional electromagnetic jogger table, or standard dual outboard rotary electric drives, users are equipped with variable speed settings that permit complete control. These products offer much more than typical sieve shaker systems. HK Laboratory/Pilot Sieve Towers accommodate up to eight full height sieves or a set of 16 half frame sieves for dry or liquid slurry materials. Units are available in 8-, 12- or 17-inch diameter sieve sizes down to 635 mesh (20 micron) and are ideal for powder chemical, metal powder, ceramic, food product or pharmaceutical applications. Additional features include electric or air operation for tabletop or caster use, and quick clean-up and assembly. With an ultrasonic vibration upgrade, these devices support mesh sizes down to 10 micron. Sieves are available for use with HK Laboratory/Pilot Sieve Towers in 304 stainless steel or non-metallic material.

Click on the image below for more information on the HK Sieving Tower.
Ultrasonic Sieving Tower

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