CVC named Exclusive Distributor in U.S. of URAS Techno Vibrators

Cleveland, Ohio (June 25, 2015) - Uras Techno®, one of the world's largest manufacturers of electric vibratory motors, has appointed the Cleveland Vibrator Company (CVC) as its exclusive distributor of rotary electric vibrators in the United States, according to Craig Macklin, CVC Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing.

The full line of Uras KEE and SEE rotary electric vibrators is now marketed under the Cleveland Vibrator private label RE and RES line in the U.S. These high-performance, continuous-duty vibrators are used on powering vibratory equipment such as feeders, conveyors, screeners and tables and also used as flow aids on bins and hoppers. These products are used in the foundry, food, agriculture, aggregate, concrete, mining, recycling and powder bulk industries.

"URAS honored us with this exclusive agreement and we believe the quality of the product aligns perfectly with the high standards of Cleveland Vibrator," says Macklin. "Since the agreement, we added enhancements to the Uras line to improve the usability, longevity, and durability of these already reliable vibrators."

"We have had more than three decades of good experience to know the quality of the Uras vibrator and value our long-standing relationship, Macklin adds. "By becoming the exclusive distributor in the United States, we are forging a stronger commitment to each other and the USA market." 

Uras Techno President Shoji Hashimoto observes this exclusive agreement gives Uras enhanced market commitment to the United States. "Cleveland Vibrator is a proven partner with high integrity when serving customers," he says. Their recent improvements to stock and area coverage make us confident and proud to have them as our exclusive distributor." 

The rotary electric vibrator built by Uras sets itself apart from competitive units with features such as an anti-vibration lead cable, fully adjustable force outputs up to 100 percent rather than limited to set stop points; fully-enclosed construction (TENV); and stronger motor shaft with less deflection and continuous duty rating for long service life in harsh conditions. Cleveland Vibrator added more value to the units with Grade 5 mounting fasteners, higher IP ratings and upgraded paint specs. 

CVC now offers more than 50 models in the RE and RES line of rotary electric vibrators available in single or three-phase AC power for 110 V, 230/460 V, 380 V and CSA approved 575 V. Depending upon the model, force outputs range from 30 lbs. to more than 46,000 lbs. The units run at average of 58 dbA at four feet. Included in this line are 2-pole (3600 RPM), 4-pole (1800 RPM), 6-pole (1200 RPM) and 8-pole (900 RPM) configurations. 

The Uras vibrators were launched in 1959 and more than 830,000 units have been purchased to date. According to Macklin, Uras wanted to consolidate its U.S. distributorship with one long-term partner and chose CVC because of its commitment to produce delivery and customer satisfaction. 

"More than 85 percent of orders we receive can be shipped within one business day," Macklin says. "The numerous models we now offer in the rotary electric vibrators category meet the varied needs of our customers, especially the OEMs. The agreement with Uras allows us to offer products that feature a long service life, easy maintenance and high reliability."

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