Custom Built Vibrator Lifter for 1350 Vacuum Mount

Cleveland Vibrator was contacted by a Hard Ferrite Powders Producer who was in need of a vibrator lifter with portable vibratory unit capabilities. However, they did not want to weld a female bracket to their railcars for the VMRR Vibrator Model that our lifter is typically used for.

Our solution? We provided them with our Vibrator Lifter customized to fit our 1350 VMSAC Vacuum Mount Vibrator. The unit weighs in at approximately 70 pounds, the lifter will allow maneuvering of the vibrator to the bottom discharge under the rail car hopper. 
The Vibratory Unit runs solely off air and it's hand held controls are easy to use: they include an Integrated Pressure Regulator, a Vibrator on/off switch via Slide Valve & the Vacuum is controlled via Mini Ball Valve attached to the Vacuum Generator.

The system provides the portability and hassle-free installation the customer was looking for while applying the necessary power needed to empty the railcar.  

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Cleveland Vibrator Portable VMSAC Air Mount with Lift

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