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Dust Collector Filter & Precipitator Cleaning

Dust Collector Filter & Precipitator Cleaning

Dust Collector Filter & Precipitator Cleaning

Filtration systems such as dust collectors, electrostatic precipitators and baghouses are critical to maintaining clean air in a healthy work environment.  However, traditional methods for cleaning, such as reverse air, are not fully effective for removing all dust buildup, especially on filter thimbles. Poor treatment of dust and airborne particulates can clog machinery, slow down production, and cause significant health and safety hazards for your team. That's why making sure your dust collection equipment is working properly is so important. 

Cleveland Vibrator Company offers vibrators, rappers and knockers that extend the life of your equipment, keep it running at optimal efficiencies and improve clean out processes. These benefits all add up to a reduction in maintenance and materials for your equipment, higher production rates and less dust in your work environment. 

Benefits of Cleveland Vibrator Company's pneumatic piston vibrators and precipitator rappers include:

  • Improve air filtration operations and lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • Lower filter replacement rates by removing dust build up on thimbles and reducing air velocity and wear in bags
  • Reduce cost compared to alternatives such as pneumatic sonic horns by requiring fewer units and less compressed air
  • No bearings or belts that wear out as on mechanical shakers 
  • Lower stress on filter bags and improved reverse air clean out
  • All vibrators, rappers and knockers are made of durable, one-piece, high-quality ductile iron housings for long life out in the field
  • Hand-finished honing in the bore ensures optimal use of air and less wear
  • All vibrators and knocker units include threaded exhaust port with port protector or muffler and Grade 5 mounting hardware
  • All units can be mounted at any angle without the use of an internal spring (a common wear part of competitive units)
  • Lubrication-free coated units available in all models

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pneumatic rapper, knocker and vibrator on electrostatic precipitator 

Electrostatic Precipitators and
Collection Hoppers

  • 3" PMA Rapper delivers shock power to wires, rods and plates to keep them clean of fine particulates and operating at peak power; tapered mount design conforms to most shaft and adapter designs currently in use
  • Vibra-Might vibrator or SI air knocker keeps collection hopper walls clean to ensure smooth flow of fine particulates to the feeder or discharge for total clean out

Cyclone Collectors
  • Air knockers deliver a single penetrating impact at the optimum rate to keep walls free and clear of fine particulates
  • Vibra-Might vibrator or SI air knocker prevents material buildup due to moisture or stickiness of fine particulates
 Pneumatic vibrator or air knocker on cyclone dust collector
 pneumatic vibrators and air knockers on baghouse dust collection systems

Bag Type Dust Collectors and Collection Hoppers

  • Vibra-Might vibrator or SI air knocker delivers shock power to keep bags and thimbles clear of fine particulates without fatiguing bags or structure
  • Keeps collection hopper walls clean to ensure smooth flow of fine particulates to the feeder or discharge for total clean out
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Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full range of industrial vibrators and equipment for the manufacturing industry.
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Dust Collection System Applications

Dust Collection System Applications

Pneumatic vibrators for use in dust collection systems to optimize collection efficiency, clean out operations and reduced maintenance costs.

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