Bulk Barge Unloading

Bulk Barge Unloading

You handle the haul, we'll shake out your hold. 

The Cleveland Vibrator Company offers a full line of pneumatic vibrators that can clean out your cargo holds faster. Whether you are hauling grain, iron ore, salt, or any type of dry bulk solid, our team provides decades of design and consultative experience that will ensure the right vibratory solution that works best for your self-unloading barge. 

Our pneumatic & electric barge vibrators and vibratory equipment will: 

  • Achieve faster unloading times of material out of your vessel
  • Remove safety hazards and eliminate the need for human entry into your hold
  • Help keep you vessel on schedule with promoting consistent material during unloading using vibration

Common applications include: 

  • Promote material flow to bring down hang-ups in the cargo hold
  • Shake the gate to get your materials to the boom conveyor belt below

How can we help you?

For information on selecting and sizing a vibrator for your hold, start with our Vibrator Selection Guide. Don't hesitate to call our helpful sales and service team if you need additional help, or contact us online today!

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Bulk Barge Unloading

Bulk Barge Unloading

The Cleveland Vibrator Company offers USA-made pneumatic piston vibrators for self-unloading barge applications. 

Impact Vibrators

Our VMR and VMS lines feature metal-to-metal impact of the piston for maximum force output

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